Google Adwords Services

One of the most cost-effective methods of increasing traffic to your business Web site is using Google Adwords ads or Facebook ads. Either or both method may be appropriate depending on the nature of your business.


The Least you Need to Know

  1. Google ads are a cost-effective, efficient marketing tool.

  2. Google ads are the text ads that appear on the right-hand side and top of Google's search results pages.

  3. When you create an ad, you specify which keyword searches you want your ad to appear on.

  4. You only pay for an ad when someone clicks on it.

  5. The cost of an ad depends on how much other advertisers are willing to pay for the keywords you're targeting.


What are Google Adwords?

Google Adwords ads are the text ads that you see on the right-hand side of the page or at the top of a page on a coloured background when you get the results from a Google search. The ads that appear are related to the search that you've performed, so if you search on "summer camps" you can expect to see ads about summer camps. Without getting into too much detail, the order that the ads appear in, and the frequency with which they appear depends on how relevant to the search keywords an ad is considered to be and how high a bid price you're willing to pay. Paying the highest price, however, doesn't guarantee you to the top position in the list, but it does help to move you up the list of ads.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are similar to Google Adwords ads but they only appear when people are logged into their Facebook accounts. Facebook also attempts to show ads that are relevant to the viewer. If you have a consumer-oriented product, Facebook ads may be a good vehicle to reach more customers.

Do Google Ads only appear on

Google also runs another program called Adsense. The Adsense program allows people who operate Web sites to put relevant advertising on their Web sites. For example, if I personally have a hobby as a photographer and build a web site to show my pictures and blog about my photography experience, I could use the Google Adsense program to put ads on my site. Google then shares the revenue generated by clicks on those ads with me.

When you create a Google Adwords Ad, you have a choice whether you want it to only appear on Google or whether you want it to appear on Websites that use the Adsense program to display Google ads. Traffic generated by clicks on other Web sites typically aren't as good a quality as those that come directly from Google but depending on your product, may give you a valuable boost in traffic.

When do you pay for the ads?

You only pay for an ad if someone clicks on your ad. This means that your ad appears on many people's search results but you only have to pay if someone is interested enough in your ad to click on it.

How much do Google Ads cost?

The cost of Google ads varies depending on the popularity of the keyword. If you're targeting unpopular or otherwise non-commercial keywords, for example "cute kittens", the bid price for each click will be very low. If you target the keywords "personal injury lawyer" in the US marketplace where personal injury lawsuits can carry huge payouts for the winning lawyer, you can expect the cost per click to be quite a bit higher because the value of generating traffic from those keywords is high.

How big a budget do Adwords require?

You can set your daily budget to whatever level you like. Adwords manages your ad campaign so that you stay within your budget. The total cost depends on how many other people are bidding on the same keywords and how many clicks your ads pull in. You can adjust your daily budget at any time.

How can Bectin help you with Google or Facebook ads?

Bectin will:

  • Set up a Google Adwords account for you

  • Create the ads for you (with your input)

  • Select appropriate keywords to target (with your input)

  • Refine the ad text and target keywords as the campaign progresses

  • Manage your ad budget.

  • Report on the effectiveness of the Adwords campaign

  • Help you create landing pages on your Web site that expand on the message of your ads.