Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

If your Web site is not showing up as high on search results as you would like or isn't showing up at all, Bectin can help you to improve your ranking for specific keywords. We provide two levels of SEO services: Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Phase 1 SEO

Phase 1 SEO is what should have been done for your Web site when it was created. The objective is to make sure that HTML and CSS code for your site is structured properly and that the essentials of good SEO content have been done. In addition, we ensure that the site was registered and verified with the major search engines and we set up Google Analytics for monitoring your site traffic. This won't guarantee that your site will rocket to number 1 in your targeted searches, but it means that your site has a fighting chance of moving up the ranks and you can start to monitor the traffic to your site and analyze your site's search performance.

Phase 2 SEO

Phase 2 SEO is usually a much bigger undertaking. We

  • research your competitors,
  • perform in-depth research of the use of keywords on your site and competitors',
  • rework site content,
  • restructure CSS to bring content to the top,
  • and investigate other content enhancements and linking opportunities for your site.

The Phase 2 SEO steps can have a much greater impact on your search results ranking than a phase 1 but depending on how competitive a space you are in, it may be more than is necessary.

SEO Pricing

Each Web site is different and the changes required to improve a site's ranking differ significantly from site to site. Sometimes only a small change to a site is required to have a big effect on its search result ranking, however, many sites require a complete rework of their structure and content to bring their search rankings up to the desired level. As a consequence, pricing of our SEO service is based on an assessment of the work required to improve a specific site. Before we provide a price for optimising your site, we will perform an initial assessment of the site to determine what is required and will provide you with a detailed, customized quote for the job.

Learning about SEO

If you would like to understand more about SEO, take a look at our What is Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) page.