Can I SEO My Own Site?

Your next question is, Do I have to hire someone to do my SEO or can I do it myself? The answer is that you can definitely SEO your own site yourself. It's not rocket science. Many people and companies make it sound like it's magic or something extraordinary, but the reality is that unless you get into the less ethical methods that some companies use, SEO is a process that anyone with some basic Web skills can handle. However, and it should probably be HOWEVER, it is not something you're going to knock off in a morning before you head off to work. It's going to take hours of time and it's something that you have to keep coming back to month after month until your results are up where you want them to be.

It's impossible to say exactly how long the SEO process will take because every site is different and the competition for keywords varies considerably. It also depends on how well the structure of your Web site was built. If the person who built your site did so with knowledge of SEO, then optimising it might be fairly simple. It's even possible that your site is already optimised. However, it's also possible that your site will need a complete re-write. When I say re-write, I'm not talking about the content of your site yet, just the back-end HTML and CSS code that presents your site. In such a case, you're talking about an even bigger job.

The bad news is that doing a proper SEO job on a site is not a job for the faint of heart. It's going to take time and some technical skill to get it done. The good news is that it can be done in an incremental process – step-by-step. You could spend 3 hours today dong some SEO tasks for your site and then 2 hours next week and 8 hours the week after that and after each time you worked on it, your site would be improved and more optimised.

If you want to tackle an SEO job yourself, you might want to head off to your friend Google and finding some helpful sites that explain this process in more detail, or pick up a book from your local book store that covers the topic. One useful site I discovered is: The site author is also a book author on the subject of SEO. There are many others as well. Bruce is thorough but a bit long winded sometimes.

If you decide that this isn't a job you want to tackle yourself, I would suggest hiring a consultant to do the work for you. A good consultant will involve you in discussions of keywords and competitors to make sure that your site heads in the right direction and you won't be giving up complete control over your site.

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