Backup Solutions

About Backing Up

Having backups is like having insurance. No one wants to do it or pay for it but you're very glad you have it when you need it. Bectin recommends using an on-line backup solution and has researched the available options and selected a solution to offer to our clients.

Risk without Backups

Everyone knows they should do it frequently but most of us only back up our computers every now and then. However, the consequences to your business could be severe if you lost all the important data on your computer. For those that are diligent in performing their back-ups, they are probably done once a week. While that is commendable, it means that you could still lose a whole week's work. It also means you may have lost significant information that you may not be able to easily recreate such as e-mails, quotes from suppliers, proposals, or contracts.

Don't be caught without a good backup strategy!

Remote and Continuous Storage

Imagine if your computers were stolen or your business offices were damaged by fire. Having a backup that is stored off-site is as important as having a backup at all. The services offered by Bectin make backing up your systems easy and worry free. They monitor your files for changes and update the backups when you make changes to your files which minimizes the amount of data you could loose in the event of a system failure. Your data is securely transmitted and stored off site and can be easily retrieved when you need it from any computer.